What we can do

Setting up a new website or re-designing an existing one can be a daunting prospect, but the right web strategy can open up a world of opportunities that extend far beyond the internet. PatMac facilitates the process of growing your business online, enabling you to raise the profile of your company and brands via the internet and carefully targeted PR campaigns. Our ultimate goal is to help you profit - or to make even bigger profits from the online revolution that just keeps getting stronger.

Service we Provide

Your servers are the beating heart of your IT infrastructure and need to be constantly maintained and protected. If your data is safe and your services running smoothly, you can concentrate on making money. Hardware failure can cripple your company, so we will get your server back on its feet as quickly as possible. If something goes wrong with the hardware your server problem gets escalated to an onsite technician who will visit your premises. Speak to us about response times. Services we support include both OS X Server and Filemaker Server. So give us a call on +44 (0)1992 611 099

Maintenance and BackUp

A slow or problematic server results in a troublesome network, which is slow to respond and frustrates workers. Even worse a server which is not properly managed or backed up is at risk of causing a catastrophic failure and data loss to your company. What would happen if your server failed? Do you have a backup solution that could get you back up and running within a couple of hours? Server monitoring and support is vital for todays businesses, we can supply backup solutions that will keep your business running. Either way, you can not afford to be without good support. PatMac can help. We care about your IT.