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"Over the last four years patmac has become a fourth emergency service for us.
As you know our business relies heavily on Macs and, on the rare occasion that
they go wrong, PatMac’s ability to respond quickly has been invaluable.
We appreciate the support that they give us on an on-going basis and the
help that you they provided in terms of creating and maintaining the
right network for us."

Jo Tanner and Mark Howard US London Ltd.

"We have worked with PatMac on for 7 years.
For the majority of this we have relied on them solely for all our IT needs.
They are very hard working, diligent and well informed.
They frequently over-deliver and are happy to help at very short notice,
often out of office hours.
They have a thorough understanding of computers (Macs in our case)
and are fully conversant with the very latest developments and software.
We have always found them excellent value,
our business would not run well without them. they are a great asset."

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