Mac repairs and support

Hardware Repairs

If your mac is broken give us a call.
Most of the time we can make a reasonable assesment over the phone before coming in.
Waterdamage, drop damage, or simply data transfer from a written off machine...
We might even give a discount for broken hardware!

Data Recovery

If you deleted something by accident that data normally stays on you drive until it has been overwritten, so there is a good chance to recover that deleted data providing you stop using the computer ASAP.
Harddrives drives always break when you least expect it, so if you have no backup it is a disaster.
Switch the affected drive off or shut the computer down and give us a call.


Is your mac getting slow? have you been thinking it might be time to bite the bullet and purchase a new one? As you know Macs are not cheap and a lot of Macs can be refurbished and upgraded for a fraction of the price of a new one. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities for your machine.

Software Solutions

Struggling to open a document? Tring to import something but you just cant get it to work? Or are you simply looking for a solution but dont know which software to choose... We are familiar with most mainstream software packages, and know loads of smaller and less known solutions.

Malware Issues


Network Implementation


Phone and remote support


Purchase Advice


Internet Services

"Domain Registration", "Website Hosting", "Unlimited Email Addresses", "Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal", "PHP HTML5 CSS Solutions", "SQL Database Support", "Phone and Remote Support", "Plesk Domain Access on Request",

Network Solutions

"Home Networks/Internet", "Small to Medium Business Solutions", "OS X, Linux and Windows Servers", "Firewalling, TCP/IP Configuration", "Switches and Infrastructure", "CAT 5E/6 Cabling an patching", "NAT and SAN Solutions", "Filemaker Database Solutions",